I-CAR RAM ProMaster VF Course

I-CAR has developed a course that provides an overview of several features on the 2022 RAM ProMaster, as well as repairability.

The collision repair portion of the course goes into a vehicle overview on the 2022 ProMaster configurations and trim levels, as well as information on:

  • OEM-specific terms for vehicle parts
  • Special tools for repairs
  • Construction materials
  • Joining techniques
  • Bumper covers and fender removal considerations

You can also learn about what repair procedures can be performed on different areas of the body, including overviews on different sectioning procedures.

You will even learn about side panel replacement, and hinge pillar patch installation repair procedures.

The electromechanical repair portion of the course goes into detail about the 2022 RAM ProMaster advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), as well as information on:

  • Steering and suspension
  • Wheel alignment considerations
  • Drivetrain part removal and installation
  • Air conditioning considerations
  • Camera/sensor locations and system information

The course also details special tools required for ADAS calibrations and highlights what operations might require you to perform calibrations following the repairs.

Understanding what the vehicle is equipped with and what the vehicle is made of is important when it comes to performing repairs. Always follow OEM procedures to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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