I-CAR Repairers Realm: Audi EV Awareness - Now Available

I-CAR had a discussion with industry experts on Audi electric vehicles (EV), safety protocols, special tools, and more.

In this episode of I-CAR Repairers Realm, I-CAR experts tap into the electric vehicle (EV) knowledge of guest Mark Allen of Audi. The rising number of EVs on the road make this an exciting time for collision repair, Allen says, but technicians and adjusters need "to change behaviors." Discussion covers safety protocols, proper tools and safety equipment for working on high-voltage vehicles. Some procedures like de-energizing vehicles should not be attempted, Allen says, and left to Audi-trained HV technicians at dealerships. "Be in contact with your fire department and zoning department so you know what is appropriate in your municipality," Allen advises, "and also with OSHA."

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