OEM Linking Pin: Honda/Acura Weld-On Attachments - UPDATE

You’ve been asking us if Honda/Acura allows weld-on attachments (pins, washers, tabs, etc.) on outer body panels for dent repair. Through our I-CAR linking pin activity, we reached out to Honda/Acura for the answer. Let’s take a look at their response.

Per our contact at Honda/Acura: "The use of weld-on pins, washers, and tabs for pulling is allowed up to 590 MPa steels. Currently our outer body panels are 340 and 270. In the future, the possibility exists for these panels to be made of higher strength steels. The body repair manual should always be referenced prior to using weld-on pulling equipment to determine strength of the panels. Corrosion protection must be addressed on both sides of the panel after repairs are made."

How does this relate to the Honda/Acura Steel Repairability Matrix? We once again reached out for clarification.

Per our contact at Honda/Acura: "When welding a stud, washer, or other attachment used in panel straightening, there is a minimal amount of heat generated; that heat is limited to the contact point of the attachment. This isolates the amount of heat that is put into that panel overall. This isolation is what allows the panel to be straightened using these methods. The heating guidelines referenced in the Honda/Acura Steel Repairability Matrix are for a larger area for structural straightening, heat shrinking, and other straightening methods that use heat over a larger area."

Additional information on using weld-on attachments can be found at www.techinfo.honda.com in the Honda/Acura vehicle-specific body repair manual under Body Repair Basic ➤ Repairing Minor Body Damage - Washer Welding Repair

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