Maserati Restraints Wiring

The question is often asked, "Can supplemental restraints system wiring be repaired?" The answer is: it depends on the vehicle maker. Let's take a look at Maserati’s position on this subject.

Maserati provides a note in a service bulletin (Circular Letter MAS000766) New Maserati Tools: Wire Harness Connector - Repair and Replacement Starter Kit.

"Maserati does not allow any repairs to airbag system wiring harnesses, connectors, or terminals. If any damage is found on an airbag harness, connector or wire terminal, it must be replaced."

"It is forbidden to repair (solder) any electrical connections that affect devices involved in the active safety of the vehicle, unless prior express authorization from Maserati Technical Service is obtained."

For information on Maserati replacement and inspection items after a restraints deployment, go to the OEM Restraints System Part Replacement Search.

For additional Maserati information, check out the Maserati OEM Information page.

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