Body Repair Manual Symbols: Audi

While looking at repair procedures in a body repair manual (BRM) you may notice that symbols are used to indicate specific operations or parts to be used during the repair process. Most BRMs provide a glossary or a chart that explains these symbols.

The RTS team is researching BRM symbols and compiling the information into a series of OEM-specific articles. This article series helps you identify and understand the symbols you see in BRMs and instructs you on how to locate symbol descriptions in the manual. Let’s take a look at Audi body repair manual symbols.

Audi BRMs have a heavy usage of symbols along with written instructions.

Once logged in to the service information site:

  • Click on Service Information (top of page)
  • Click on Guided Search tab (under search parameter)
  • Choose year and model from the dropdowns
  • Choose Repair Manual from the Category 1 dropdown
  • Click Search
  • Scroll down to Search Results
  • Find the Body Repair, Body Collision Repair manual
  • Click on the Download Document icon (to the right of the document)

Once the manual opens, you’ll need to click on the green “OK” button at the bottom of the document in order to view the contents of the manual. The Body Repair, Body Collision Repair manual houses body repair manual symbols in the category called Explanation of Symbols. Here you’ll see symbols for:

  • Component removal
  • Welding
  • Rivets
  • New panel preparation
  • Corrosion protection

A few examples of symbols found in Audi manuals are:

  • Dashed line = sectioning location
  • Solid line with a single dot above it = straight line spot weld (single row)
  • Rivet gun = use “rivet pliers” to install specified rivets
  • Adhesive applicator tip = apply adhesive

Knowing where to locate symbol tables or charts in body repair manuals and properly deciphering them is essential to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

For additional Audi information, check out the Audi OEM Information page.

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