Bumper Cover Repair With ADAS: Subaru

A simple bumper repair on a modern vehicle may not be as simple as it seems. New technologies like blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) utilize sensors behind the bumper covers. The ability for these sensors to be able to see clearly, normally requires special caution when considering a bumper repair. Many OEMs have different levels of warnings when it comes to repairing bumper covers with ADAS. So, what does Subaru say on the subject?

While Subaru does not prohibit repairs on bumper covers with blind spot sensors, they do provide illustrations that identify the radar projection areas and caution on repairs to this area, stating the following:

  • "Do not repaint the radar sensors or the bumper close to the radar sensors
  • If there is any painting defect inside the radar projection area, replace the rear bumper without trying to repair it"

They further clarify to replace the rear bumper in the following cases:

  • "When there is any collision trace or dent inside the radar projection area
  • When there is any crack inside the radar projection area
  • When there is any scuffed (chipped off) section inside the radar projection area on the resin bumper"

This information is typically located in the Diagnostic area of vehicle-specific service manuals under: Blind Spot Detection/Rear Cross Traffic Alert (DIAGNOSTICS)General Description.

For additional Subaru information, check out the Subaru OEM Information page.

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