How to Use the OEM Partial Part Replacement Search

The OEM Partial Part Replacement Search page is a simple way to find out if an OEM has a published procedure for sectioning a part or partially replacing it at factory seams. The RTS team has created a guide on How To Use The OEM Partial Part Replacement Search.

This guide explains how we identified sectioning procedures and a partial part at a factory seam for each category on the search page. It also has a key to define:

  • Single OEM Location
  • Multiple OEM Locations
  • OEM Procedure(s) Available
  • No OEM Procedure
  • Warning, Do Not Section

Each category on the page gives information to help determine whether a part qualifies as sectioning or partial replacement at factory seams in the OEM Partial Part Replacement Search. The page can be found by clicking the link at the top of the page after searching for a vehicle.

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