asTech Publishes Four Tips to Read and Understand OBD-II Codes

This highly visible malfunction indicator lamp (MIL), also known as a check engine light, can be set off for a variety of reasons related to electrical problems, mechanical issues, and even after a crash. Scan tools can usually pick up the diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) to assist in figuring out where the issue lies so it can be fixed, but this is not always a guaranteed way to find the problem. Some issues, such as flaws in calibration, will not trigger the check engine light or report any diagnostic trouble codes.

As a result of the indicator lamp not always being triggered by DTCs, asTech has released a publication to help guide technicians into understanding these codes. Their article, Four Tips to Read and Understand OBD-II Codes, lends a hand in using a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics system.

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