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What's A Mitsubishi Rear End Crossmember?

What's A Mitsubishi Rear End Crossmember?

When it comes to repair information, vehicle makers use a wide variety of terminology for replacement parts. All of the different names can be confusing, especially when repairing a variety of vehicle makes and models.

When searching for repair procedures, knowing what to look for can save valuable time. When searching Mitsubishi, for example, instead of looking for a rear body panel, look for the rear end crossmember. (See Table 1) Having the correct repair information is essential to a proper repair process. Without vehicle maker repair information, you are potentially re-engineering the vehicle without the research into how the vehicle would react in another collision.

Mitsubishi repair information is available for purchase at 

Table 1
Mitsubishi Part Terms Industry Part Terms
Front Side Member Front Lower Rail
Front Pillar A-Pillar
Center Pillar B-Pillar
Side Sill Outer Rocker Panel
Quarter Outer Quarter Panel
Rear End Crossmember Rear Body Panel
Rear Floor Trunk Floor
Rear Floor*
*may include rear rail
Rear Rail
This table shows the terms that Mitsubishi uses on the left and the common industry terms on the right.