Jaguar Land Rover Issues Pre- and Post Repair Scanning Position Statement

Jaguar Land Rover Issues Pre- and Post Repair Scanning Position Statement

As with many other OEMs, Jaguar Land Rover has a published position statement available on pre- and post-repair scanning. Jaguar Land Rover credits advancements in technology with the need for scanning.

Jaguar Land Rover says that there can be damage to various components after a collision that may not be obvious. Scanning might be the only way to find the hidden damage. As to when pre- and post-repair scanning is needed, the position statement states, “Some examples of when a full Pathfinder diagnostic scan is required include, but are not limited to:

  • vehicle collisions, regardless of the appearance of damage,
  • windshield replacement for vehicles with driver assist sensors (including rain/light sensors) located in the windshield,
  • headlamp assemblies, removal and/or replacement of exterior components, bumpers, SRS sensors,
  • parking sensors,
  • driver-assist system sensors and cameras,
  • wiring harnesses,
  • vehicle control units, seats, or interior trim panels If a collision repair is necessary.”

Check out the full Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning Position Statement for more information.

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