Honda/Acura ADAS Information Documents: UPDATE

Honda/Acura ADAS Information Documents: UPDATE

Honda/Acura have released updated versions of their advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) related Job Aids.

According to Honda/Acura, the Honda Aiming Driving Support Systems and Acura Aiming Driving Support Systems Job Aid documents apply to: "all models with the millimeter wave radar, forward collision warning/ lane departure warning (FCW/LDW) camera, multipurpose camera, multi-view camera, LaneWatch camera, and blind spot information radar."

The revision of the documents focuses around when ADAS calibration (aiming) is required and includes the following:

Acura Aiming Driving Support Systems Job Aid
  • "If aiming a radar or camera is necessary due to a collision, then a four-wheel alignment check should be performed. If the wheel alignment is not within specifications, it should be corrected prior to aiming any camera or radar.
  • The requirement of a 4-wheel alignment should be a determined by the extent of the damage and repair made to the vehicle.
  • Unless instructed by the service manual or available service information, camera and radar systems calibrations are NOT required after a wheel alignment." (for example, after replacing worn tires)

The document also provides a definition of structural damage as including: "Any damage beyond minor cosmetic abrasions to the welded, riveted, or bonded parts of the main unibody as well as the bumper reinforcements, door intrusion beams, or bolt on front bulkheads."

You can also view Honda Position Statements and Acura Position Statements on the RTS website.

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