OEM Linking Pin: Nissan Rogue Liftgate Clarification

OEM Linking Pin: Nissan Rogue Liftgate Clarification

As the industry continues to ask about servicing the Nissan Rogue liftgate, we reached out to Nissan and they provided us with this letter as their answer.

Per the Nissan letter to the industry: “We have received several inquiries from the collision industry regarding Nissan Rogue liftgate servicing. The Rogue liftgate comes pre-finished in Silver Metallic (K23) with the liftgate glass fully installed. This means that if a shop is replacing a liftgate on an affected Rogue model that is any other color than silver, the glass will need to be removed for proper repainting of the gate.”

The Nissan models affected are for the year 2014 forward. The Rogue and Rogue HEV (T32U, T32D, T32HVU). The S35 Rogue Classic and the J11 Rogue Sport remain unaffected.

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