OEM Partial Parts Replacement Search Update - Dodge Dart

Information for the Dodge Dart has been updated on the OEM Partial Parts Replacement Search. The collision repair information is currently available on the FCA/Stellantis pay site at stellantisiop.com

Dodge has specific sectioning locations for the front rails and rear rails with warnings for both that state: "Sectioning of components may only be performed in the described areas if damage to component does not extend past sectioning location. Should damage extend past sectioning location entire component replacement is the only acceptable repair"

There are multiple sectioning locations for the outer uniside including through the B-pillar and dogleg area. For the reinforcements and inner body panels, Dodge states that: "Due to the usage of Very High Strength Steel (VHS) on the inner components and reinforcements sectioning of these parts are not allowed. Complete replacement of the component or reinforcement is the only acceptable repair."

For the rear truck floor (rear floor pan), Dodge notes include: "Due to design of the rear floor pan, sectioning is not permitted.

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