New ADAS Feature Available From Hyundai

Courtesy Hyundai Motor America

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe is bringing a new feature in child safety, called safe exit assist, which is standard on all trim levels. This concept expands on the traditional child safety lock which prevents passengers in the rear of the vehicle from opening doors and windows. To complement this feature, safe exit assist can help avoid catastrophe by preventing a child from opening the door when the vehicle is parked, and traffic is approaching from the rear.

Safe exit assist works by using the radar in the rear bumper. This radar works as part of the blind spot detection and the rear cross traffic alert system. When the vehicle is parked, an alarm will sound and the child safety lock on the rear doors will not disengage if the radar senses vehicles approaching form the rear. Once the traffic has passed, only then will the child safety locks be allowed to deactivate. For more information on this system, visit Hyundai’s website and read: Safe Exit Assist: How Does It Work?

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