OEM Linking Pin: Volkswagen Tiguan Outer Quarter Panel

On occasion OEMs will make two completely different vehicles with the same nameplate during the same model year. Many times, the outgoing model will have “classic” or “limited” added to the nameplate. The incoming model will hold the original nameplate. If the wrong body repair manual is unknowingly selected, the vehicle may be improperly repaired. As a recent example shows this is the case with the new incoming Volkswagen Tiguan.

For the 2018 model year there is a Tiguan BW2 (new body style), and Tiguan Limited 5N2 (previous body style). There are two separate body repair manuals (BRM). The one you will need can be determined by entering the VIN into Volkswagen’s Erwin website. On the outer quarter panel procedure, the previous body style, 5N2, will call out spot welding on the door opening flange. On the new body style, BW2, there are laser welds on the door opening flange, these laser welds are replaced using adhesive only in this area. Also, when you open the BW2 manual it will have “MEX” under the title. This can be used as a quick check to know if you have the correct manual. The Tiguan is built in Mexico but sold in the USA.

In this case, if the wrong manual had been chosen, and improper repair would have been completed.

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