Having The Correct Web Browser

You get a new computer, you have everything setup, you start to access an OEM information website, you get to where the manual used to open and you get a blank screen instead. Now what?

If you have a brand-new PC it most likely is setup to use Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer’s replacement) as the default browser. While this browser may work well on most websites, many OEM websites may be optimized to function on slightly older browsers. If for example, you were on the Nissan/INFINITI website accessing the new Electronic Service Manual (ESM) using Microsoft Edge, you most likely will see a blank page. To fix this issue, go to the Microsoft Edge Settings, and click Open with Internet Explorer.

Many other OEM websites may also only work on certain versions of Internet Explorer, while others will work on most modern browsers. If you are using a different browser, like Chrome, and things are not appearing correctly, one of the first things to try is Internet Explorer.