Repairer Driven News: 2019 INFINITI QX50

The latest Infiniti INFINITI QX50 with the new 980-megapascal “Super High Formability” ultra-high-strength steel, is now available for buyers. Nissan is the first OEM to use this “previously unachievable” steel, and the 2019 QX50 is the first model to contain this type of steel.

The use of the 980 MPa allows the QX50 to be lighter, more resistant to flexing, and quieter. Although, INFINITI warns that steel that is over 980MPa cannot be repaired, saying, “If such part is damaged, replace the part.” In addition to the new steel, INFINTI is also using new front and rear suspension along with new steering and brakes to provide greater control to the driver. ProPILOT Assist is available, which enables the QX50 to drive itself within a single lane highway lane. INFINITI has also upgraded the body shell with a safer, more light weight design.

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