Great Designs in Steel 2018 Presentations: A Closer Look at Developing Best-In-Class Repairability Guidelines and Procedures

In case you missed it, Jason Bartanen from I-CAR presented Developing Best-In-Class Repairability Guidelines and Procedures at Great Designs in Steel 2018.

Once again, a call went out to the engineer’s present for the need to improve and standardize the type of collision repair information available. Currently, no two OEMs are in sync with material identification and repair information layout.

It has become crucial with the ever-increasing use of high-strength steels that technicians, adjusters, estimators, know what the MPa of the parts is for the vehicle repairs. Though some OEMs do specify many types of materials, providing the MPa would be a benefit, especially when it comes to heating and straightening restrictions, along with replacement options.

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