2015 Ford Mustang to Employ Extensive Use of HSS & UHSS

Laser C Welds are used in multiple areas of the uniside.

Earlier this year, at Great Designs in Steel 2014, Ford shared details about the construction of the 2015 Ford Mustang. The 2015 Mustang will use a variety of different steels, from mild to ultra-high-strength (UHSS), throughout the vehicle structure.

As you'd expect, a significant amount of high-strength steel (HSS) & UHSS will be found in the side structure of the vehicle. This includes a DP100 hydroformed A-pillar/roof rail reinforcement and martensitic and boron-alloyed steels in the rocker panel and B-pillar reinforcements. Additionally, there are a significant number of laser stitch welds and laser "C-welds" used throughout the uniside. As repair information becomes available, likely later this year, we'll be sure to update you. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @Ask_ICAR for the latest breaking news.

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