OEM Linking Pin: Subaru Steering Columns

As part of the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) OEM linking pin activity, we are helping to connect the collision repair industry to the vehicle makers. Recently we had a technical inquiry that asked, "Does the steering column require inspection after any type of collision, regardless if the airbag deployed?" We reached out to Subaru for clarification.

Our contact at Subaru stated, "Per the vehicle service manual, if the vehicle is involved in a collision, even if it is a slight collision, be sure to check the following systems. The steering column is one of the systems." He goes on further to state that "All SUBARU vehicles need to to have their steering column checked. There are NO specific circumstances where the inspection would not be required."

It is also important to note that part of checking the steering system also involves checking the "deflection of front and rear, upward and downward directions, and mounting condition to vehicle body of the column assembly ‐ steering." The detailed process can be found in the service manual at techinfo.subaru.com.

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