Is There a Procedure for Disassembling a Service Assembly?

OEM Technical Information Matrix

The fourth column in the OEM Technical Information Matrix, Partial Service Part/Assembly Replacement Procedures at Factory Seams, can get a little tricky without further clarification. For the most part, this is a column that I-CAR is still researching published OEM information to get the answers to. The question is: Does the vehicle maker have procedures for replacing a partial service part or assembly at factory seams?

This does NOT mean that the OEM allows disassembling an assembly without a procedure. It also does NOT mean that they have a general recommendation for disassembling an assembly and installing an individual portion.

Here's what it does mean, it refers to a specific procedure on a specific vehicle where the service part is not used in its entirety. There is a documented OEM procedure for using a portion of the service assembly when that particular portion of the assembly is not available as a separate service part. This is also a procedure that uses factory seams as an attachment method, which means we are NOT talking about sectioning.

Continue to check back as this information will be updated and expanded in the near future.

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