Repairer Driven News: Collision Braking by the Numbers

Vehicles that are equipped with collision braking will require special attention when getting collision repairs. There are calibrations and additional steps needed before the vehicle can safely be released. Collision braking will be required as a standard feature in the future, but how many vehicles can a repair facility expect to see today?

An article by Repairer Driven News (RDN) has those numbers. The article shows the percentage of vehicles that have collision braking. Topping the list in volume is Toyota, with 1.4 million vehicles being equipped with collision braking. It discusses how soon we can expect the majority of the vehicles on the road to be equipped with collision braking, and also how collision breaking may affect the collision industry.

Visit Repairer Driven News for the full OEMs Report Progress Towards 2022 Autobraking Goal; 19% Of 2017 Fleet Has Tech Standard article.

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