2018 Honda Accord Roof Replacement

The Honda Accord has been redesigned for the 2018 model year. Many changes came with the redesign including material use, attachment methods, and technology. A big change to take note of is the outer roof replacement procedure. This procedure differs a lot from any Honda roof replacement procedure we have seen in the past. From the factory, the Accords roof is attached with weld bonding in the corners and laser brazing on the sides. However, repair facilities will be unable to duplicate the laser brazing to reattach the roof. So how will the Accord’s roof be reattached?

The procedure starts with the removing the factory spot welds in the front and rear, and then cutting the sides near the laser brazed area. If the roof rails require replacement, there are instructions for removing them as well. This will include cutting some of the braces in specified locations. The braces are reinstalled by trimming the new part, then overlapping and spot welding them to the remainder of the brace that was left on the vehicle.

The installation procedure is where things start changing. Honda has a bracket kit that needs to be welded to the inner uniside. Theses brackets will line up with threaded nuts attached to the bottom of the replacement roof panel. A rubber dam is positioned and adhesive is applied to the uniside and the roof, where specified. The roof is set and bolted to the brackets. The front and rear are then spot welded, and the roof ditch is then primed and seam sealed.

The latest addition of Honda Body Repair News, 2018 Accord: Body Repair Information briefly highlights this procedure and shows some images of how the procedure is done.

The full procedure is available on Honda Service Express at www.techinfo.honda.com

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