Repairer Driven News: Refinishing Mazda Machine Gray (46G)

Most refinish technicians have had a color they just can’t get to match to the vehicle. The chip looks good, but the sprayout doesn’t come close enough for a blendable match. However, there are situations where you may have the wrong spray technique. Some of the new colors on everyday vehicles require a unique and complex spray technique. A recent article by Repairer Driven News (RDN) shows and explains PPG’s process for refinishing Mazda’s Machine Gray. Let’s take a look at some highlights from this article.

In the article, there are two videos showing step-by-step refinish techniques for Mazda paint code 46G. One video is for a spot repair, whereas the other is for full panel refinishing and blending. This PPG process starts with a black basecoat which is followed by a high-brightness aluminum flake midcoat. A cross-spray technique is shown for the midcoat that is applied in an X-pattern. No drop or control coat is used in this process.

Another unique aspect to this process is when replacing a panel, apply sealer and then clearcoat. The clearcoat is allowed to dry before it is sanded, and then basecoat is applied. Also, with the fine metallic in the midcoat, PPG recommends applying a light tack coat of clearcoat for the first coat followed by two normal coats of clearcoat. This method is done to prevent a modeled look to the basecoat. Visit Repairer Driven News for the full PPG Videos Advise Painters On Minor, Major Mazda Machine Gray Refinishing article.

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