OEM Linking Pin: Did You Think That Ford Was Allowing General Sectioning?

"NOTE: The following steps provide a general guideline for replacement of body structure components. Refer to exploded views for specific component and assembly information." Additionally Ford says "Where possible, create a backer piece using a portion of the old panel. This will create a stronger joint."

These statements are found in the 2007-2014 Ford Mustang body repair manual under Inner Body Reinforcing Panels at www.motorcraftservice.com. Like others, you may have questioned if this is a general guideline giving you permission to apply general sectioning guidelines.

You asked us, so we asked Ford. During that conversation, Ford told us that it is intended as a guideline when referencing specific, documented sectioning locations provided by Ford. It is NOT in any way an authorization for general sectioning on the Ford Mustang. Parts without specific sectioning locations on this vehicle should be replaced at factory seams.

This is another example of the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) initiative's OEM Linking Pin activity, where we are helping to connect the collision repair industry to the vehicle makers.

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