OEM Corrosion Protection Information Availability

The ninth column in the OEM Technical Information Matrix is pretty straight forward: Corrosion Protection Methods and Materials. Most OEMs have information on anti-corrosion materials and application equipment including a list of approved materials and part numbers.

Specific guidelines may call out which activities require corrosion protection restoration. Bare metal areas are the obvious hot spot, but disturbed coating or heated areas are also a concern. The OEM may also give areas that should be avoided when applying some materials like wax-based anti-corrosion compounds.

Each OEM has their own way of doing things, but restoring corrosion protection isn't just for those of us who get snow. Vehicles are build with corrosion protection and that protection needs to be restored after repairs. Per the I-CAR Corrosion Protection (CPS01) course: "Restoring corrosion protection, and preventing corrosion from occurring during the repair, should be a priority for everyone involved in the repair process."

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