I-CAR Has Your Key To Success - The OEM Technical Information Matrix

Figure 1

When going through a collision repair manual, it is important to know what the symbols and colors mean. The same holds true when using the I-CAR developed OEM Collision Repair Information Matrix. Let's take a closer look at the key that identifies the status of each vehicle maker on the I-CAR developed OEM Technical Information Matrix.

The OEM Collision Repair Information Matrix uses colors and acronyms to identify the availability or position of each vehicle maker in each category. The key for the matrix is located in the upper right hand corner on the first page (Figure 1).

A green box with a "Y" means that yes, the vehicle maker has the information available. The amount of information may vary therefore this designation also indicates if a vehicle maker has limited availability for that particular category.

A red box with a "DNU" means that the vehicle maker states to "do not use" the material or method identified in that category. This designation is used for the "Weld-Through Primer Required" and "Adhesives May Be Used to Replace Welds on Exterior Body Panels if Not Specified in Model-Specific Manual" categories.

OEM Matrix Key 2Figure 2

A white box with an "N" mean that there is no information is available from the vehicle maker pertaining to that category.

A gray box indicates that I-CAR is still researching that category for that vehicle maker. Therefore, their status is not defined yet.

Another key is also used for the "Collision Information Website Access" category. The key for this category is located inside the same box as the category name (Figure 2). Each letter indicates a subscription type: F = Free, D = Daily/Multi-Day, M = Monthly, A = Annually, N = None. Most vehicle makers offer multiple subscription options including additional timeframes that are not included on this matrix.

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