Enhancements to Partial Part Replacement Search

Many collision repair technicians are utilizing I-CAR’s OEM Partial Part Replacement Search on the I-CAR Repairability Technical Support (RTS) website. It’s a simple way to find out if an OEM has a published procedure for sectioning a part or partially replacing it at factory seams. The RTS team has been researching OEM repair manuals to compile data to create an upgrade to this search function.

New features of the search include:

  • More parts
  • Parts are grouped together based on location
  • Sectioning information is separate from partial replacement at a factory seam
  • Single and multiple locations added to the results

Starting with model year 2015, parts/areas covered by the search include front lower rail, front upper rail, outer uniside, uniside reinforcement, inner uniside, rear rail, trunk floor, and rear body panel. These parts are color-coded and grouped together by front, side, and rear of the vehicle. (Note: When referencing the side of the vehicle, the “outer” is the outer most panel, the “inner” is the inner most panel, and the “reinforcements” are sandwiched between the outer and the inner.)

Some OEMs have procedures for sectioning and partial replacement at factory seams for the same part. We’ve now separated sectioning from partial replacement and indicated if the OEM has a single location or multiple locations for that part.

You’re able to find information for over twenty OEMs. Use the quick and easy OEM Partial Part Replacement Search to help with your next repair.

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