Mazda Glass Replacement Requirements

The role of the windshield is a lot more complex than simply allowing a view of the road ahead. It is considered a structural part of the vehicle as it contributes to the strength of the roof and A-pillars. The windshield helps to manage collision energy and has become an integral part of several advanced safety systems.

It is commonly asked, "What is required when replacing a windshield?" With this question in mind, we will be presenting a series of articles that highlight some of the requirements from the various OEMs. As always, it is important to read through each vehicle-specific procedure to ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

Let’s see what Mazda has to say for the 2016-2022 model years.

  • Mazda does not specify a particular brand of primers and adhesives.
  • During the installation process, it is important to keep the door glass open until the windshield installation is complete. This will help to prevent the sealant from cracking should the doors be opened and closed, causing a pressure change.

Mazda allows repairs to windshields if they are not in a specific prohibited area. If there is damage or cracking in the windshield glass repair prohibited area, replace the windshield. If the damage or cracking in the windshield glass repair prohibited area is repaired, it could affect the recognition of the Forward Sensing Camera (FSC) and the system may not operate normally.

If the laser sensor gets hit or is installed at an incorrect angle, the laser sensor angle could change, and the obstructions cannot be detected correctly which could result in an accident. If the laser sensor has been hit, always inspect for DTCs and verify that there is no malfunction in the Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) system.

As a special caution, vehicles equipped with i-ACTIVSENSE, forward sensing cameras require the aiming procedure if the windshield is replaced or reused. Also, if the rain sensor is replaced, the sensitivity setting procedure will need to be performed. These procedures are located separately in the body repair manual. Additional cautions are in each specific Windshield Glass procedure. To find the procedures, go to: Workshop manual ➤ Body and Accessories ➤ Glass/Windows/Mirrors.

Mazda vehicle-specific body repair manuals can be found at:

For additional Mazda information, check out the Mazda OEM Information page.

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