File Belt Sander For Rivet Removal

We first mentioned the file belt sander in the Collision Repair News Article - Working With Boron-Alloyed Steel back on June 9, 2014. Did you also know that it can be quite the useful tool for removing rivets?

There are several key things to keep in mind if you choose to use a file-belt sander to remove rivets. First, though it probably does go without saying, it will be dependent on how accessible the rivet is. For example, it is not possible to grind off the head of a countersunk blind rivet that is flush with the surface. Second, when using the file belt sander to grind off the head or the back of a blind rivet, it is important to avoid damaging any panels that will not be replaced. Once the rivet head or backside is ground off, the rivet body can simply be punched out.

The belt sander can be an effective and universal tool with its ability to access tight spaces and to generate very little heat.

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