Duplicating the OEM Attachment Method May Not Always Be The Proper Repair Process

The Ask I-CAR team continues to field calls stating: “I was sent the wrong rivets.”

This statement increased significantly with the release of the 2015 Ford F-150. This is because the type of rivet used for part replacement on the F-150, and other vehicles, is often times different than what was installed at the factory.

Frequently, self-piercing rivets (SPRs) are replaced with blind rivets or solid rivets. When an SPR is removed, it leaves holes in both the part being replaced and the vehicle. Blind rivets and solid rivets can be used in the existing hole in the part and blind rivets only require one-side access.

It’s important to replace the part with the proper rivet diameter and length to ensure proper fit and performance. For complete, safe, quality repairs always refer to the vehicle maker collision repair information; even when the attachment method used by the OEM can be duplicated during repairs.

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