2016 Great Designs in Steel Overview

This week, we were at Great Designs in Steel 2016 and saw some great presentations on vehicle structures. Some of the trends in body construction were expected and some were unexpected.

Here's a little background information if you're not familiar with this event. Great Designs in Steel in an annual event that "features technical presentations on new steel technologies including UHSS, automotive safety and manufacturing technologies" and "assist engineers in utilizing the latest steel technologies to design and build safe, affordable, fuel efficient and environmentally sustainable passenger cars, sport utility vehicles and light trucks."

Judging from this year's presentations, there continues to be an increase in UHSS, smaller flanges, and scalloped flanges. Some front structures are getting additional parts to help deflect the collision energy in the small overlap test.

One of the surprising trends is that engine cradles, or subframes, are now being used to help manage collision energy, particularly during the small overlap crash test.

Stay tuned for follow up articles on the presentations as they become available.