Back-To-Basics: Window Tab Retractor

Sometimes going back-to-basics can make the difference between a quality repair and a failed repair. Window regulators have evolved over the years, most now using a clip type retaining method. With this evolution, new tools, like the window tab retractor, have come along to make this operation easier than ever.

Every change comes with a learning curve, when window regulators change to a new window, the retaining method is no different. Most technicians are used to accessing the fasteners through the openings behind the door panel, and most assume that this is the way they still need to do things.

The window regulator tab retractors allow you to release the window retaining tabs without even removing the trim panel. This tool allows you to go down through the window opening to access the window retainer tabs. If you have two of these, you can release both tabs at the same time and just roll the regulator down a small amount to release the window from the regulator. Afterwards, simply remove the window from the door as usual.

This simple tool, that can be made from materials found readily in a shop, and with a little practice can speed up disassembly significantly.