Body Shop Business: EV Intake Process

Body Shop Business has released an article highlighting the importance of the electric vehicle (EV) intake process.

Dirk Fuchs, CEO and founder of Electric Mobility Consulting LLC, and Automotive Training Academy provides insights for safe EV intake. The article provides general high-level information to help shops safely assess collision damaged EVs.

Dirk stresses the need for training and safety including an established vehicle intake process. The intake process starts before the vehicle arrives at the shop and may include a risk assessment performed by the tow truck operator. The intake process helps determine if there are risks of a thermal runaway, coolant leaks, and if isolation is required.

Utilizing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and following OEM vehicle-specific repair information to safely assess a damaged EV.

Visit Body Shop Business for the full Electric Vehicles: It All Starts With The Intake Process article.

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