Repairer Driven News: ADAS Radar Optimized Paint Color Resources

Changes in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) radar technology are introducing new refinishing considerations. Paint film thickness not only may affect the performance of ADAS radars, color formula selection may also be a contributing factor. What resources do repairers have available? Let’s see what Repairer Driven News (RDN) has available.

RDN has published several articles relating to radar optimized colors and the added considerations involved. This group of articles illustrates the collaboration between vehicle makers, paint makers, and repairers. The articles span several years and follow the progression of the collision industry acknowledging, collaborating, and implementing solutions related to radar optimized color consideration.

The views and discussions are not a replacement for vehicle-specific OEM service information or paint maker recommended procedures.

To prevent impeding the ability of the ADAS to function and potentially fail, check OEM repair information to identify what restrictions may apply to the repairs you are considering. Always verify that the ADAS is functioning properly after completing repairs.

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