Scion's Renamed Under Toyota In 2017

Back in February we let you know that starting in 2017, Toyota announced that the Scion brand will be rebadged under the Toyota brand. Let's take a look at what the former Scion's will be called.

The FR-S will become 86, the iA will become the Yaris iA, and the iM will become the Corolla iM.

With the FR-S name change, it will be the same name used globally for the vehicle. With the update to the iA and iM, the name change could be a little confusing. Some people may assume that the iA or iM at the end of the name plate is just a trim level, but in reality they are different vehicles. Keep this in mind to avoid confusion when researching and ordering parts. All parts, warranty, and service information will continue to be handled through Toyota.

For more information, go to Automotive News.

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