How Do Ask I-CAR and DEG Help the Industry?

The I-CAR Repairability Technical Support “Ask I-CAR” feature and the Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG) help the industry with common issues but in different ways. Let's take a look at what each can do for you.

The simple answer is Ask I-CAR can help you with technical issues while DEG can help you with estimating system issues.

How is help provided?

Ask I-CAR has a searchable Ask I-CAR database of previous answered questions. You can also submit a new Ask I-CAR question that is not found in the database.

DEG also has a searchable DEG database of previous answered questions. You can also submit a new DEG question that is not found in the database.

What kind of questions will Ask I-CAR answer?

Ask I-CAR will help with questions on vehicle maker position statements, an I-CAR position statement, or if a collision repair procedure (sectioning for example) is available. Ask I-CAR, and other features available on the RTS Portal, can help minimize the time you spend looking for collision repair information. And, if a procedure does exist but you still have questions, we can escalate your question to the correct person at a vehicle maker or the product maker through our I-CAR Linking Pin mechanism.

What kind of questions will DEG answer?

DEG will answer questions on included and not-included labor operations, missing labor times for a certain procedure, and missing information in the estimating system. Questions can be asked under the three estimating systems: CCC, Mitchell, and AudaExplore. DEG will research your question and send your request to the appropriate information provider. Responses may be provided as an answer or an update to the estimating system from the information provider.

Ask I-CAR and DEG also work together. Recently, a question was submitted to DEG about an unprimed bumper cover from a specific vehicle maker. DEG needed to know which bumper covers were unprimed, so they reached out to the Ask I-CAR team. Ask I-CAR did some research and found a bulletin from the vehicle maker that specified which bumpers were unprimed, and for which model years. Ask I-CAR was able to forward this information on to DEG, which was able to pass this documentation on to the information provider.

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