My Car Does What?

The National Safety Council and The University of Iowa have put together a consumer-based site that provides the basics of many vehicle safety systems and features available today. They are calling it

The target audience is consumers, so the information is high level and the videos are designed to be entertaining. This site is one way for you to see what's out there and could be rolling into your facility in the near future.

You could also use this as a consumer awareness tool. When a vehicle is purchased, there are many safety features that are packaged together. Many consumers are not aware of how these features are designed to work, even before the vehicle is involved in a collision. After a collision, a consumer may be more aware of the features that their vehicle has due to the fact that after repairs are made, some of those features have been turned back "on" or they may notice the features for the first time. These features often have an "off" setting and may have been deactivated. This site can be used to help introduce and educate them on what their car can do.