OEM Linking Pin: Nissan Exposed Seam Sealer

Check out the quarter panel on this 2015 Nissan NV. That's a vertical line of exposed seam sealer from the OEM. It can be found on the 2500 and 3500 versions of this vehicle dating back to model year 2013. Seam sealer isn't normally exposed like this on the exterior of the vehicle, so what do you do with it if you have to replace it?

Currently (at the time of this article), the body repair manual doesn't indicate a product or method of duplicating the seam sealer during replacement. However, through our OEM Linking Pin activity we received clarification directly from Nissan. Per our contact at Nissan, the product Nissan is using is Sikaflex 221 One-Component Adhesive Sealant. This product is widely available through various websites and may be available through your local vendor.

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