Energy Security Agency: High-Voltage Vehicle Risk Analysis Services

The Energy Security Agency (ESA) offers Risk Analysis services of hybrid and electric vehicles for first responders, towing and recovery professionals, and collision repair facilities. Let’s go into what is offered, when, and how to use this service.

The Risk Analysis service offer guidance based upon the specific vehicle damage location and incident type. The Risk Analysis Agent (RAA) use the uploaded pictures to aid in real time directions which may include:

  • Shutting down the high-voltage system with vehicle-specific information
  • Transport, storage, or handling recommendations
  • Determine if a second risk analysis is required (20-24 hours or more after initial)
  • Placement of a Risk Analysis Placard (RAP Sticker) in an incident-specific location

ESA recommends calling them any time you are interacting with a hybrid or electric vehicle that has been involved in one of the following incidents and need guidance:

  • Collision
  • Fire
  • Mechanical failure
  • Water-related incident

The ESA can be contacted for free at 855-372-7233 (855-ESA-SAFE) 24/7. For more information about ESA, go to:

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