BMW iX SUV Quarter Panel Replacement

Carbon fiber structures offer new challenges for repairers. Let’s see one of the ways BMW addresses this on the outer quarter panel repair procedures for the iX SUV.

The BMW iX SUV is produced with an exposed weave carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) door surround that covers a part of the outer quarter panel in the dogleg area. The carbon fiber is adhesively bonded to the steel uniside of the vehicle. This bonded panel needs to be removed to install the outer quarter panel down into the dogleg area.

However, there is a second procedure that called “Partially replace rear left side wall”. This procedure allows the outer quarter panel to be replaced in the door opening area that avoids removing the CFRP panel.

There is an additional precaution when making the sectioning joint in the door opening. BMW states: "Make the separating cut (1) centered to the bores (3) and semi-circular around the bumps (2). The bumps (2) must be retained on the body while doing so."

Reference the vehicle-specific body repair manual to determine the required type of welding and sectioning joint for the repair being performed. There are also several high-voltage precautions that must be observed during the repair. Failure to follow OEM procedures sacrifices the safety and quality of the repair.

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