OEM ADAS Radar Optimized Color Resources: BMW/Mini

Changes in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) radar technology are introducing new refinishing considerations. Paint film thickness not only may affect the performance of ADAS radars, color formula selection may also be a contributing factor. What resources do repairers have available? Let’s see what BMW/Mini has to say.

BMW/Mini provides Standards For Refinishing Using Sensor Technology paint and body training manual. This manual offers precautions pertaining to refinishing bumpers and colors approved for repainting.

Under the Colors Approved For Repainting area there is a chart of factory colors which are approved for re-painting.

BMW/Mini states: "In vehicles with radar sensors of generation "RS-01, SRR-01", bumper covers can be repainted with basecoat and clearcoat for approved colors only...For vehicles whose color is not in the list, the bumper cover must be replaced!"

When researching a 2023 BMW 540i found within the bumper removal and installation procedure BMW states: "Commissioning the rear radar sensors close range is necessary if parts were disassembled that change the position of the radar sensors or if the rear bumper cover was painted."

Improper color selection may cause ADAS to malfunction and potentially fail. Check OEM repair information to identify what restrictions may apply to the repairs you are considering. Always verify that the ADAS is functioning properly after completing repairs.

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