Refinishing Park Assist Sensors: BMW/Mini

Park assist sensors are part of the park assist system, just one of many advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) found on vehicles today. Damaged sensors are typically replaced and may require painting to match the vehicle. Vehicle makers often provide information on the painting of new sensors. Some vehicle makers do not recommend refinishing sensors with minor finish damage because excessive paint thickness may adversely affect the operation of the parkassist system. However, other vehicle makers allow refinishing and provide guidelines. Let’s see what BMW/Mini has to say.

BMW references a document under Repair and Maintenance Instructions ➤ Paint ➤ Color System. The document gives specific repair guidelines relating to sensor systems.

Per the BMW/Mini Standards For Refinishing Using Sensor Technology manual:

  • "These must not be painted or repainted manually if damaged, but ordered as a painted spare part in the specific color. Otherwise, coatings applied too thickly can compromise the correct function of the ultrasonic sensor.
  • The following applies as a general rule: To ensure that sensors retain their functionality, they must not be heated to more than 85°C. When using IR emitters, ensure that adjacent surfaces of the vehicle do not overheat either, as that could cause damage to the sensors located behind them."

Improper paint film thickness affects the functionality of the sensor. Follow OEM procedures and warnings to help ensure a complete, safe, and quality repair.

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