Repairer Driven News: CIC P-Pages Changes

Repairer Driven News (RDN) has released an article highlighting changes made to estimating systems' P-pages.

In this article RDN provides an overview of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC) Estimating Committee presentation by Danny Gredinberg of Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG). Gredinberg provided details of changes that were made to each individual estimating system. These changes included refinish operations, included operations changes, excluded operations changes, and P-page location changes.

The article provides examples of changes and groups the information by estimating system. For example, MOTOR, which is used by CCC, will no longer offer a PDF version of their P-pages directly. Per Gredinberg, "It’s best to use a live version through the CCC platform or through the links that we shared with you." Gredinberg stresses the need to be using current and updated information when repair planning.

Collaboration throughout the industry is showcased at events such as CIC. Always refer to OEM vehicle-specific information and make sure you are utilizing the most up to date data provided by estimating systems.

Visit Repairer Driven News for the full CIC Estimating Committee Overviews Recent Changes To CCC, Mitchell And Qapte article.

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