Repair Planning: Do You Have All The Information?

While researching body repair manuals (BRM) and service manuals, we've created OEM-specific articles for additional information needed when repair planning. The goal of these articles is to help repairers create a more complete and accurate repair plan.

These are just some key aspects of repair planning to be aware of:

  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) equipped on the vehicle
    • diagnostic procedures
    • programming/initialization
    • calibration procedures
  • Researching BRMs, for example
    • construction material
    • welding specifications
    • vehicle protection
    • corrosion protection
    • post-repair inspection
  • Researching service manuals
    • position statements
    • technical documents

When repair planning, it is always important to look further than just the specific replacement procedure. Additional operations may be needed, such as initialization or calibration procedures. Every OEM has a different way to arrange information in a BRM or service manual. It’s no longer as simple as looking up a single procedure. Being diligent with researching and understating the complete procedure and any corresponding operations is vital to completing a safe and quality repair.

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