I-CAR Just In Time: Moving Disabled Vehicles

Sometimes seeing is understanding, that’s why I-CAR's technical team created the Just in Time video series to guide you through a variety of collision repair topics from ADAS and EVs to repair tips and tricks. These videos enable you to, in less than 5 minutes, learn something new. Let’s check out the tip the team has for moving disabled vehicles.

Throughout the repair process a vehicle may need to be moved. This can be challenging when the vehicle is disabled, severely damaged, or it’s required by OEM procedures, such as an electric or hybrid vehicle. Jeff Poole provides some insight into available solutions for moving vehicles.

Poole stresses NOT to use a floor jack to move a vehicle. A floor jack is only designed to lift a vehicle to be properly set on jack stands. Always keep safety in mind when moving a vehicle and refer to OEM vehicle-specific jacking and supporting guidelines.

Watch collision repair experts in action in the I-CAR Just In Time video series.

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