I-CAR Repairers Realm: SEMA: Vehicle-Maker Required Tools and Equipment - Now Available

I-CAR had a discussion on vehicle-maker required tools and equipment.

In November’s episode of Repairers Realm, I-CAR subject matter experts recapped their journey behind the scenes at the 2023 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The episode featured representatives from vehicle manufacturers such as Ford/Lincoln, Nissan/INFINITI, BMW, and FCA/Stellantis, discussing the significance of utilizing vehicle-maker required tools and equipment when repairing their vehicles. Don't miss out on this informative and insightful episode!

Questions answered in this episode include:

  • Why is it important for repairers to have required equipment to repair vehicles?
  • Is the use of light-weight materials going away?
  • Why do I need a synergic welder?
  • How do I know which welder to get?
  • Is there a different expectation of repair standard between a certified and non-certified repair facility?
  • What is the importance of a pulse welder for collision repair?

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