Back-To-Basics: Hole Duplicator Tool

Sometimes going back-to-basics can make the difference between a quality repair and a failed repair. Rivets as panel attachments are becoming the new norm. This tool can make marking and making the holes for those rivets a breeze.

The hole duplicator was featured in an episode of Repairers Realm that focused on replacing an aluminum panel on a Ford F-150. In this episode, the technician uses a hole duplicator tool to help locate, mark, and make the holes required for installing the rivets and attaching the replacement panel to the vehicle.

The hole duplicator is commonplace in aircraft repair and can be found online at any store selling tools geared towards that field. The hole duplicator is attached to the adjacent panel via the holes left from the SPR’s, then you will hang the replacement panel on the vehicle. The duplicator will overlap the replacement panel providing an exact location where the rivet will be located.

For a good demonstration of the use of the duplicator check out the Repairers Realm on Ford Exterior Panel Sectioning Guidelines.

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