I-CAR Repairers Realm: Ford Exterior Panel Sectioning Guidelines - Now Available

I-CAR had a discussion on Ford exterior panel sectioning guidelines.

In July’s episode of Repairers Realm, the I-CAR subject matter experts demonstrated the importance of Ford's sectioning guidelines in maintaining a vehicle's structural integrity and occupant safety after a collision repair. Specifically, they section a rear cab corner of a F-150, following the guidelines outlined in the Ford Workshop manual. Special guest Gerry Bonanni from Ford joined remotely to participate in the conversation and answer any questions.

Questions answered by Ford in this episode include:

  • Can sectioning be done on steel vehicles following the OEM guidelines as well?
  • What is the purpose of the cut lines in the general sectioning procedure?
  • What if you cannot find the correct rivets specified in the Workshop manual?
  • Is a rear body panel (inner and outer) considered an outer body panel on Ford?

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