I-CAR Repairers Realm: Ford Structural Sectioning Guidelines - Now Available

I-CAR had a discussion on Ford structural sectioning guidelines.

In August’s episode of Repairers Realm, I-CAR subject matter experts continue with part two of Ford Structural Sectioning Guidelines. The team was joined by Ford's Gerry Bonanni to discuss a procedure that technicians often inquire about. The focus was on sectioning the aluminum inner rocker panel of Ford/Lincoln vehicles when the running board mounting locations are damaged from a collision. The team also provides explanations and insights on the procedure.

Questions answered by Ford in this episode include:

  • If this repair has been performed in this area before, can it be performed again?
  • Is there a point where the size of the repair no longer allows for this kind of sectioning and requires full-part replacement?
  • If damage goes beyond the raised area of the running board mounting location, should dye penetrant be used?
  • Can this repair be done on the upper running board mounting locations as well?
  • What are some sectioning location and joint type considerations?

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